19.Jorge Toselli(non-registered)
Wow!!! I am trying to learn how to take pics so I started looking around and found your website. Incredible photos! I have no words to describe them!! outstanding job!
17.Lisa L Kee(non-registered)
It was so nice to meet you today at the World Bird Sanctuary Camera Day. Love your eagle images!
15.Susan Lauritsen
Lonnie you are a gift. Your art work is a wonder- filled expression of your natural soulfulness.
14.Sara Sisco(non-registered)
Everytime I see your work, I see a paintng. Your eye sees the world in composition and sensitivity.
So beautiful, Lonnie. You capture the essence of the Creator in every aspect of nature. The web site is wonderful and reveals your bright spirit.
Your photos are amazing! I hope some of your talent will rub off on me :)
9.Debbie Vogelsang(non-registered)
OMG Lonnie, every time I come to your site you've got something new posted and it's simply breath taking. Thank you for always capturing the amazing beauty the naked eye might miss.
8.Carol Scott(non-registered)
Your stunning photographs bring me right into nature, Lonnie. Thank you!
7.Marcia Walton(non-registered)
Lonnie, you eagle "art" is absolutely breathtaking. You are amazing.
I've watched Lonnie's work unfold over the years. Since the first time I saw her photo of "Whiskers at the TV" <a/k/a "The Cat's Into Big Valley", I knew she was an artist. She was out of fifth grade by then, but still young, in her early 20s. I'm very proud of her.
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